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Environmental Health Division Meets Standards

The Chatham County Public Health Department Environmental Health Division is excited to announce that they have completed the deliverables for their latest grant since enrolling in the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Program Standards in 2011. The Program Standards were developed by the FDA to provide a framework for developing a continuous quality improvement plan for local, state, and tribal food service inspection programs.

There are nine established standards that address staff education, knowledge, skills and abilities, inspection program policies, and outreach and education of food service establishments.  The Program Standards are not for the faint of heart and take a staff dedicated to becoming the best at what they do to complete the goals. Since enrolling in 2011 Chatham County has been fortunate to receive several grants due to their continued efforts to meet the goals of the various standards. Read on!


Environmental Health News

Over the last year the Chatham County Public Health Department Environmental Health Division has submitted blog postings about how you can protect yourself from ticks, how you can serve food safely during the holidays, how you can prevent or treat mold in your home, and how you can help protect your septic system.  When starting to write yet another blog about what you can do to protect yourself, I wondered what we in Environmental Health have done for you lately, so I came up with a list. To view the list and learn more click here!


Septic System Maintenance

Do you know where the water goes when you flush the toilet, brush your teeth or wash your laundry? If you live in Chatham County the chances are that the water goes to your septic tank and then to your drain field. Septic systems are relatively inexpensive to install compared to the cost of city sewer, but it does require homeowners and business owners to take an active role in protecting their septic system. Click here to learn more.


Hydrofracking for Natural Gas in Chatham County?

The most recent potential location for natural gas drilling may be right here in Chatham County.  Click to read more!