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Free Stop Smoking Classes in June

The Chatham County Public Health Department is offering free tobacco qsmart_red2smcessation classes for the second time this year, this time in June in Siler City, to both county residents and county employees. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive personal instruction from experienced staff and get your summer off to a healthy start.

Previous classes held in Pittsboro this year were a big success in helping several individuals kick the habit for good. Participants will receive a free QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit and support from fellow program attendees during the three sessions. Sessions will be held on Monday and Wednesdays after work, from 5:30-6:45 pm.

Want to learn more? Join us for an information session on Wednesday, June 3rd, at 5:30 pm at the Chatham Hospital, in the Chatham Medical Park Office Building, Suite #140 located on the first floor. Space is limited. Please contact Jennifer Park by email at to register in advance.


There’s Still Time to Sign up For Health Insurance!

The deadline to get covered through the Health Insurance Marketplace this cycle is March 31st. Three million people have already purchased private insurance through the Marketplace since October of last year, with many more expected to enroll before the deadline. If you are uninsured, time is running out.

And for the many of us who are confused about the enrollment process, there are many resources in the community, like Legal Aid and the library, that can help local residents navigate the process. The flyer below has information about an upcoming “Enroll-a-Thon” in Chapel Hill, which will take place March 1st from 9 AM-noon. For more information on the Health Insurance Marketplace, visit

AffordableCareAct_Enroll A ThonFlyer_revised2_10_14


CCPHD Initiatives Promote Healthy Eating across County

The Chatham County Public Health Department is working on several exciting and innovative projects to increase access to and promote healthy foods in the county. And these initiatives could not be kicking off at a more important time, with chronic disease rates on the rise and obesity topping the list of priority health issues in Chatham County for two straight community health assessments (in 2006 and 2010).

The following projects highlight the work CCPHD is doing to help residents tackle these issues:

Click here to see what we’re working on!


June Is National Safety Month

Every year in the United States, 4000 people die in fires and 20,000 are injured.  Many of these deaths are a result of a failed emergency escape plan.  The US Fire Administration (USFA) believes having a good escape plan can reduce fire deaths and help protect you and your family. Every second counts when there is a fire, and a small flame can become a major fire in less than 30 seconds.  The following are special considerations for developing your fire escape plan: Click here to read on.


Community Garden Turning Thumbs Green

Given the ever-growing concerns of obesity and diabetes in our county and across the country, the Chatham County Public Health Department has prioritized programs that target nutrition. Whether through educational outreach, health screenings, support groups for those with diabetes, or promoting and marketing healthy local food options, we are determined to tackle these issues head on.

Thanks to the Healthy Communities grant, we have added another healthy food initiative to the list: a community garden. Click here to read on and see pics of the garden!