Animal Shelter uses Social Media to Save Lives

Animal Services is tasked with a nearly impossible duty. They work extremely hard to protect county residents, both human and animal, while managing a shelter and pursuing adoptions for as many dogs and cats as they can. For this dedication, Animal Services has earned the respect of adoption groups, county residents and colleagues in other divisions of the health department and county departments.

They have done a tremendous job and continue to seek new ways to ensure adoptable pets find homes. One of those new strategies has been social media. The shelter coordinates with adoption organizations to sdoghare information and photos of adoptable dogs and cats with as many as possible. And let’s talk about their Facebook page. The animal shelter started the page a little over a year ago, and it already has well over 1,000 likes! For the sake of comparison, the health department’s page has under 300 likes… it’s tough to compete with them! Ginny Jenrette manages the page, posting photos of adoptable animals and sharing information about events like adoption events and spay/neuter campaigns. Photos of adoptable animals have been shared hundreds of times. Read more about their successes!


Staying Active During Pregnancy

Rhianna Wells, CCPHD colleague and young mother, shares some tips on staying active during pregnancy.

American middle distance runner Alysia Montano knows a thing or two about staying active during pregnancy. On Thursday, June 26th, Alysia ran 800 meters at the US Track and Field Championships. Did we mention she was nearly 8 months pregnant? This 5 time national champ finished nearly 35 seconds slower than her personal best but she still got a standing ovation from the crowd as she crossed the finish line.

Although you don’t have to go out and run 800 meters in a national competition like Alysia Montano, staying active during pregnancy is great for both mother and baby. Its benefits include better pregnancy outcomes and shorter labors (and reduced ankle swelling).

CCPHD's Jennifer Park goes for a run

CCPHD’s Jennifer Park goes for a run

Active moms are able to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and in turn give birth to a baby with a lower, but healthier, weight. Labor and delivery are often said to be a marathon, so training for this event is key. Moms who stay physically active are able to endure the labor process easier than those living a sedentary pregnancy lifestyle. But it’s not just about the physical benefits; exercise is also great for reducing stress and lessening anxiety. It can be tough to quiet the mind with all the things you are thinking about while you are growing and preparing for a baby and exercise can help reduce that anxiety and boost your mood. Read tips here!


Customer Feedback Results

The Chatham County Public Health Department has made customer satisfaction a top priority. In fact, two recently formed committees, the Customer Service Committee and Marketing Committee, are tasked with ensuring that our services meet the needs of Chatham County residents and are delivered in an effective and friendly manner. These committees have representatives from each division of the health department to create synergy across our agency.

To gauge how we are doing, each division has customer feedback cards available on which our clients can share their comments and rate vaCustomer Feedback cardrious aspects of our services. While these cards are always available at our reception areas and feedback is collected throughout the year, the Customer Service Committee sought ways to ensure we heard from as many clients as possible. The team decided that staff would actively solicit feedback from all clients one week each quarter to increase the number of completed feedback cards. Click here to see how we are doing!


Tattoo or no tattoo?

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? Think before you act! The North Carolina General Statutes require that all tattoo artists be permitted Tattoo imageat each location where they operate. The regulations apply to permanent make-up artists as well as regular tattoo artists. If the tattoo artist does not have a permit from the local health department, leave the premises! Do not allow someone to mark you with unsanitary needles and inks.

Currently, Chatham County does not have any permitted tattoo artists. In other words, if you receive a tattoo in Chatham County, the tattoo artist is not permitted and may not have the proper equipment or sanitary practices to prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, you will have to find a permitted artist in another county. If you have questions, contact the Chatham County Environmental Health Division at 919-542-8208.


The World Cup is Here!

Ole Ole Ole Ole!

The most popular sporting event on the planet, the World Cup, is officially underway. For the next month, top athletes from across the world will compete for the coveted trophy and billions will be glued to TVs to keep up with the action.

exercise tv comicHowever, it is important to keep this in mind: Watching people exercise does not offer the same health benefits as actually exercising. So be sure to fit in some physical activity time for yourself. It could be hopping on the exercise bike while watching the game, or going out for a walk at halftime. If it helps, take some cues from the World Cup to get you motivated. Have a walking challenge with your friends. Hoist a dumbbell in the air after workinUS soccer logo 323_1g out as if you are lifting the World Cup trophy. Or maybe create your own celebratory dance to bust out after running that mile. Whatever it is, add a little fun to keep yourself motivated.

And remember: Go USA!